Addition to 2015 IMI Financial Report


The IMI provides regular communications to the FPMT Sangha community through e-newsletters and group emails as well as sending important FPMT updates, messages from Rinpoche and requests for prayers for the sick and dead.

This year we set up a members area on the IMI site with a resource page full of interesting and relevant information including: Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s advice to Sangha, minutes of Sangha meetings, prayers and pujas, FPMT benefits for IMI Sangha and information on the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund.
We created a new Community Forum on the IMI website to facilitate communication among members and a new youtube account (for members) that includes educational material from Pre-Ordination Courses given by elder Sangha that can be used by newly ordained members.

As well as organizing sponsorship for retreats, we worked with IOF to update their information about Sangha ordination procedures, assisted Centers with Sangha matters, updated the IMI database with current Sangha information and issued four eNews letters (if you missed them, you can find them here)

And finally, we organized the building of a retreat cabin in France and co-sponsored a Pre Ordination Training Course at Tushita Meditation Center in India.