Addition to 2016 IMI Financial Report


The IMI provides regular communications to the worldwide FPMT Sangha community through quarterly e-newsletters and group emails as well as disseminating important FPMT information, messages from Rinpoche and requests for prayers for the sick and dead.

This year we began by offering butter lamps for our sponsors at His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Temple in Dharamsala, India on Chotrul Duchen, facilitating the offering of 98 sets of beautiful new robes and traveling to Singapore to represent the IMI at Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Long Life Puja.

A set of nineteen videos of a Pre-ordination Course taught by Venerable Dondrup was uploaded to the new youtube page. The videos have been transcribed and are now being translated into French, Spanish and Italian. They are to be dubbed in different languages for non-English speakers. Newly ordained monks and nuns who wish to become IMI members are asked to take this course as a condition for membership. A survey and optional exam questions are also being prepared for them. In this way we are improving the education level of the newly ordained. This vast project will continue throughout 2017.

As well as organizing sponsorship for the Light of the Path retreat and offering travel costs for those attending the Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering, we assisted centers with Sangha matters, and continue to sponsor several members for full-time study and retreat.

Finally, we began a new nunnery project in the south of France called Dorje Pamo Monastery and preliminary work has started on building a Sangha Community at Milarepa Center in Vermont, USA. There are also three budding projects of a monastery and nunneries in Spain, Italy and Australia.