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May 2008

In this Issue

Wisdom From Our Teachers

Lama Zopa Rinpoche offers advice to the monks at Nalanda, encouraging monastics to perservere as "real warriors," read more


Position Available - IMI Education Director; IMI Lunch at HHDL Teachings; Forward Looking - Old Age, Sickness and Death; Free email for IMI members; International Sangha Prayers for World Peace; Letters to Editor read more

IMI Moments in Time

1982Lama Yeshe organizes the first Enlightenment Celebration. read more

Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund Grant Awards

Currently Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund 2008 Grants have been awarded to 21 IMI monks and nuns from 14 countries around the world. read more

Lam.rim Retreat with Lama Zopa Rinpoche

A monastery outside of Guadalajara was the setting of a 10-day retreat with Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Organized by FPMT Mexico, IMI offered sponsorship for 20 monks and nuns to attend the retreat. read more

Monastic Life at Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa

Slowly, through hands on experience, we began to understand what it means to be a monastic in this day and age. read more

Guidelines for Ordination at an FPMT Center or under an FPMT Teacher

IMI has developed an information package for FPMT Center Directors, SPC’s and IMI Sangha about ordination.  read more

IMI Says Thank You

IMI is dependent on the kindness of others and is grateful for the continuing support of many individuals, FPMT centers and members of our own monastic community. read more

Wisdom from Our Teachers

In November 2006, Lama Zopa Rinpoche sent this advice to the monks of Nalanda Monastery (France).  Ven. Holly acts as scribe.

My Dear Venerable Courageous Brave Warriors,

Like the worldly Olympic champions, actually you are all like warriors of the enemy; delusion, that which make one suffer and other sentient beings to suffer in the oceans of samsara, all the sufferings of the hell beings, intermediate state beings, pretas, all sufferings, numberless times in the past and which we can say is endless, not only oneself is suffering, also numberless sentient beings.

The rest of the world's champions are not champions, just silly, childish. But you people, sangha, are the real champions, the best champions. Because to defeat and control delusions, that is the most difficult one, so you're doing that, you are the best champion.  

Even though it is most difficult, it is the most important thing in life to defeat, to extinguish completely, so there is no trace. Therefore what you are doing is so special because by ceasing this completely, only then are you free from all the sufferings forever.

Then also you can liberate all the other sentient beings, who are numberless, from the oceans of samsara suffering.  The most enjoyable, most exciting thing is that you can liberate others, who are numberless, from the oceans of samsara suffering. Even to liberate one sentient being, is most exciting.  

And this experience: liberation, actualizing the path, this is the most important thing to dedicate to, to live for. In the West, they do all kinds of research on the slightest thing, on cockroaches and so forth, so many years of study on dolphins, so that when you die, what benefit is there after so many years studying?

Numberless times we have had all the samsaric pleasures, all the pleasures of the devas we have experienced numberless times. Whatever pleasure there is, it is nothing. There is nothing better than your life as a Sangha person, living in the pratimoksa vows. This is the most “yum yum” delicious life.

If one doesn't realize the benefits of living in the pratikmoksha vows, if one doesn't know that, then you can think it is similar to taking medicine. If one doesn't know that it is medicine and can help you, then it appears as poison.

By knowing the shortcomings of samsara, of the worldly life, one can have skies of happiness by living in the pratikmosha vows, renouncing the householder life. You feel you are free, this way you can have the most precious life and most happy life.

With much love and prayers, Lama Zopa


Position Available—IMI Education Director

Are you interested in serving the IMI community and getting supported as a monastic? IMI is looking for an Education Director to serve the community in developing a monastic education program and developing monastic education resources.

IMI will introduce a structured program of training for all candidates taking ordination at FPMT Centers around the world. The Education Director would be responsible for the development and coordination of the monastic education program. They would be in communication with Senior Sangha about existing programs and materials. In addition, they would research and review educational materials related to Sangha. 

Candidates should be well organized, have good communication skills and enthusiasm for serving the monastic community.  A background in education coordination and program development is preferred. The job can be done remotely by someone with good internet connectivity or by someone willing to relocate to San Francisco Bay Area.  The position requires a commitment of 25 hours per week.  Compensation will be provided including room, accommodation, health insurance and stipend.

For further information, or to apply, please email office.  Applications are due June 30, 2008.

IMI Lunch at HH Dalai Lama Teachings

Sydney, Australia—June 13, 2008

IMI is inviting its members to lunch on Friday, June 13, 2008 during the teachings with HH Dalai Lama in Sydney. Lunch will follow the morning session and will be at the venue near the teaching site (as arranged by organizers of the teachings).

As a Sangha community spread out around the world, the opportunity to come together is rare for many of us. Not only do we have the opportunity to take in these wonderful teachings but we also have can come together as a community.

Lunch venue is adjacent to the Dome, the venue for HH Dalai Lama teachings at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park on Friday, June 13 following the morning session.

For those who may be concerned at the expense of offering lunch for the IMI Sangha during the teachings, please note that these are organized at a minimal expense with sponsorship sought (and offered).  If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to request.

Forward Looking—Old Age, Sickness and Death

In addition to being noted as the sufferings which first inspired Lord Buddha to leave his princely state for a life as a renunciate, these same issues also concern us as a monastic community. IMI is working with a Gerontology Specialist (who has offered her services) to develop a program of information and services that can help our community as we move towards our elder years.  The interview process is currently underway within the IMI American Sangha community. We invite you to respond so that IMI can better serve you.

International Sangha Prayers for World Peace

Celebrating International Sangha Day - August 5, 2008

IMI has had an overwhelming response to its request for members to recite "The Sutra of Golden Light" in support of World Peace. To date we have already received pledges for over 500 recitations. International Sangha Prayers for World Peace is part of International Sangha Day, August 5th. From Sakadawa on June 18th to International Sangha Day on August 5th, we will recite "The Sutra of Golden Light" for peace, both inside and outside.

Each day, we are overwhelmed with news of earthquakes and floods, war, environmental disaster, abuse and neglect. We see the pictures and hear the stories and feel helpless to bring about real change, but there is a way to help. Reciting "The Sutra of Golden Light" effects real change to benefit real beings. Lama Zopa Rinpoche says:

Acts of terrorism will be averted. Acts of violence will stop. China will return to Buddhism and will relax its hold on Tibet. Natural catastrophes will be avoided. Crops will be successful. The environment will be clean. People will be safe. If there is war, it will end and there will be peace.

Please join us.  Further information will be made available on the IMI website.

Free email Accounts

Members of IMI are welcome to their own personal email account at no charge.  IMI is able and willing to offer POP and IMAP (or webmail) accounts to it’s members.  The internet, although not to be relied upon exclusively, is a great tool with which we can communicate around the world.

To request an email account, please send us contact information for you (or another IMI member) and we will set up the account and contact you.  All addresses will be

IMI Lunch at HH Dalai Lama Teachings in Nantes

August, 2008

IMI is organizing a lunch for its members at the upcoming teachings with HH Dalai Lama in Nantes, France from August 16-20, 2008.   Last year at the teachings in Hamburg we found this to be good way for the IMI monks and nuns to connect and develop a social support network. 

The lunch will be on Monday, August 18 at 12:00 noon at "La Cafétéria" restaurant in "Atlantis" centre adjacent to teaching venue (connected via footbridge). Please RSVP to Ven. Detchen by August 1 to help us get a count.

Letters to the Editor

Within the last year you will have noted a lot of activity within the IMI community as it redefines its role and ways in which it can serve.   Of course, change is not always easy, and sometimes not even welcomed.  

We are inviting you to participate in the dialogue of your community.  If you have a view that you want to share with the community, we welcome you to send us your comments, letters, opinions.  Frank, candid, and thought provoking assessments of how well we are doing (or not) can be addressed to communications.

IMI Moments In Time

 1982 Lama Yeshe organizes the first Enlightened Experience Celebration in India, with his monks and nuns in mind. Some 130 IMI sangha attended, along with up to 700 lay people. The five-month series of teachings, initiations and retreats were given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Song Rinpoche, Ling Rinpoche, Serkong Rinpoche, as well Lama and Lama Zopa Rinpoche. They were held in Bodhgaya and Dharamsala.

Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund Grant Awards

Just a reminder that the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund 2008 Grant Awards application process is still open. We are happy to extend this offering to the sangha who need the support to undertake study, service and retreat.  Applications for awards beginning July 1, 2008 are due June 1, 2008.  To apply online, please visit the IMI Members Area.

Currently Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund 2008 Grants have been awarded to 21 IMI monks and nuns from 14 countries around the world.  This support represents a dramatic increase from the 7 individuals who were supported by the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund only one year ago. Here is a listing of the awards already made in 2008:


  • Getsulma (Uraguay) at Istitut Vajra Yogini
  • Getsul (Australia) at Land of Calm Abiding
  • Getsulma (USA) at Land of Calm Abiding
  • Getsulma (USA) at Vajrapani Institute
  • Getsulma (Brazil) at Lawudo Retreat Center


  • Gelong (USA) Geshe study at Sera Je Monastery
  • Gelong (UK) Basic Program study at Nalanda Monastery
  • Getsul (France) Basic Program study at Nalanda Monastery
  • Getsul (Germany) Basic Program study at Nalanda Monastery
  • Getsulma (Italy) Masters Program study at Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa
  • Getsulma (Uraguay) Basic Program study at Nalanda Monastery
  • Gelong (Italy) Basic Program study at Nalanda Monastery
  • Getsul (UK) Basic Program study at Nalanda Monastery
  • Getsul (Poland) Basic Program study at Nalanda Monastery
  • Getsulma (Israel) Masters Program study at Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa
  • Gelong (Spain) Basic Program study at Nalanda Monastery
  • Getsul (Mexico) Basic Program study at Nalanda Monastery


  • Gelong (Netherlands) at Nalanda Monastery
  • Gelong (Canada) at Nalanda Monastery
  • Getsulma (USA) at Kurukulla Center
  • Getsul (Australia) at Thubten Shedrup Ling

Deadlines for the next quarter awards beginning July 1, 2008 are due June 1, 2008.  We are hoping to expand our support in the next year!  Thank you for your participation. 

Lam.rim Retreat with Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Guadalajara, Mexico—April, 2008

A monastery outside of Guadalajara was the setting of a 10-day retreat with Lama Zopa Rinpoche.  Organized by FPMT Mexico, IMI offered sponsorship for 20 monks and nuns to attend the retreat.  Ven. Wongmo writes of her experience.

Landing in Mexico, there was a feeling of such joy, laughter, openness and respect (for the sangha) that came from the students who offered me their house for the days before the Lamrim event began.  When the Mexicans say “mi casa es tu casa” they really do mean it.

This feeling has continued to this day, a month after the retreat.  Every “foreigner” I spoke with at the event expressed the same thing; how loving, warm, kind, generous, joyful, full of life and respectful the Mexican people are.  This vibration was felt during the teachings, between sessions, the entire time.  As a monk or nun you’ might be just standing there and someone would make an offering.  Or bow when you walked into the gompa, not just physically but with obvious devotion to the sangha. This positive exchange of energy between the lay and sangha community was so supportive.

It was touching how the elder monks and nuns took care of newer ones and included them in conversations and activities, without being critical or judgmental.

One student had composed a wonderful tune and Spanish lyrics to Rinpoche’s short long life prayer and a catchy tune to Rinpoche’s name mantra, which we all sang with gusto while waiting for Rinpoche’s arrival.  

The teachings!  Amazing. Unbelievably, inspiring. In my 35 years of taking teachings from our kind and holy guru, have I experienced Rinpoche teaching so intently, powerfully and extensively on emptiness.  Some of the older sangha thought that Rinpoche did this mainly for us elders. Others considered that Rinpoche wanted to balance the Mexican loving heart with more wisdom.  

In any case, I have to say that this event was one of the most powerful for my own mind, practice and life-decisions.  In other words, what I need to do with the time I have left in this body.  Basically, realize emptiness asap!  As Rinpoche said, “this is the real vacation!”  Otherwise, we just continue to suffer, suffer, suffer. There’s no other way than to realize emptiness.

Of course I’ve heard this teaching before from my guru, but somehow the way Rinpoche repeated this theme with this example, that story and so on, it really REALLY hit me this time.  I think this was true for many of us.  

I want to thank the IMI for offering this event to the monastic community.

Guidelines for Ordination at an FPMT Center or under the Guidance of an FPMT Teacher

Over the last year, the IMI Senior Sangha Committee has been working on the development of ordination guidelines for students requesting ordination at an FPMT center or under the guidance of an FPMT teacher.  Information for the student interested in learning more about ordination is available on the IMI website under the Ordain section; Preparing for Ordination and Requesting Ordination.

IMI has also developed an information package for FPMT Center Directors, SPC’s and IMI Sangha about ordination.  The information package details the steps for the student and ways in which the Center Director/SPC or IMI Sangha can help facilitate the process.  For further information, please review the package available online (Resources for FPMT + IMI).

We will have further information on ordination available in other languages in the near future.  Ordination training programs are being developed.

IMI Says Thank You

IMI is deeply grateful to all the sponsors of the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund.

Over the past year, the  IMI community has received support for the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund from a growing number of FPMT Centers, individual donors as well as members of our own community.  The support has enabled IMI to provide needed support for the programs and activities of our community.  We are deeply grateful!

FPMT Centers

ATI Germany, Bengungyal Center, Centre de Meditation Naropa (Tahiti), Chag-Tong Chen-Tong Centre, Cham Tse Ling, Chandrakirti Meditation Centre, Chekawa Study Group, Chenrezig Institute, Chenrezig Nuns Community, Do Ngak Sung Juk, Dorje Chang Institute, Essential Education, FPMT IOF, FPMT Spain Centro Nagarjuna Valencia, Guyasamaja Center, Gyalwa Gyatso Buddhist Center, Hospice of Mother Tara, Jamyang Buddhist Centre, Kalachakra Centre, Kunsang Yeshe Centre, Kurukulla Center, Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive, Land of Medicine Buddha, Langri Tangpa Centre, Machig Labdron Study Group, Maitreya Instituut, Maitri Charitable Trust, Panchen Losang Chogyen Gelug Zentrum, Root Institute, Shine (Italy), Tara Institute, Thubten Norbu Ling, Tong-Nyi Nying-je Ling, Tse Chen Ling Center, Tsog Nyi Ling Study Group, Tushita Meditation Centre, Vajrapani Institute, Vajrapani Institute, Wisdom Tours

Individual Donors

Lyndy Abram, Nancy Jaicks Alexander, John Alita, Janice/Jim Allan/Davidson, Richard Appleby, Ricardo Aragon, Richard Archambault, Christine Arlington, Michael Ashby, Brigitte Auloy, Jonathan Austin, Samuel Perez Ayala Andaluz, Hilsa Ayonayon, Donna Babuska, L. B. Badiber, Janise  Baldo-Pulaski, Carmen Ballester, Gema Ballester, Sandra Barclay, Matthew Barker, Jennifer Barlow, Ruth Ann Barrett, Peggy Bennington, Marcel Bertels, Mose Bevilacqua, Harmony Blyth, eryn Bordes, Brendan Bottomley, Prisilla Brad, Annabelle Breakey, Stephanie Brennan, Maria Brito, Anne Britton, Nancy Allen Burns, Rosanne Caputo, Dolores Carlos, Diana Carroll, Sarah Cash, jean luc castagner, Tom Castles, Amy Cayton, Paul Chamnong, Kwok Chan, Wai Chang, Yijian Chen, Kim Chester, Judy Chew, Heng Chia, Lau Geok Chin, Sean Chisholm, Susan Chiujyue Lai, Yeo Yock Chua, Suat Leng Chuah, Judy  Chung Lin, Gun Cisse, Deborah Colony, Alba Coni, Louise Craig, Ryan Crimp, Eric Crowe, Linda D Lewis, Helen Danina, Lien Dao, Richard De Martin, Paula de Wys, Adrian Dec, elena delaini, Dolores Devellis, Dan Dion, Debra Dora, James Dougherty, Stephen Dreyfus, Heather Drollinger, Tania Duratovic, Tom Dwyer, Keith Emmons, Ming-Chie Erick, Maritsa Espinosa, Maritsa Espinoza, Mary Finnigan, silvia fiscalini, Effie Fletcher, Cindy Fong, Paulette Fowler, Stephen Frewen, Ray Furminger, Miguel Angel Garcia, Sheldon Gelowitz, Dechen and Mark Gerrard, Naveed Ghannad, Jesse Gilliam, Cheryl Gipson, Betty  Gleason, Ankit Goel, Indra Gongba, Susan Goodall, Roger Govers, Yeshe Gray, Sergio  Grimaldo Ruiz, Laura G Guerra Pacheco, Javier Honorato Guitierrez, The Ha, Heidi Haltmeier, Bernard  Handler, Don Handrick, Tan Puay Hang, Deborah Lillian Hankel, Shoko Harding, Eve Hardman, Raquel Haro, marja Hedel van, Leona Hentz, Mullin Herber, Janet Hintermann, Minh Ho, Ngai Kong Hong, John Housiaux, Emily Hsu, Andrea Husnik, Don Isaacson, Shizuko Itsukaichi, Ivan Ivanin, Suk Ching Jackson, Daniel Jacoby, Michael Jett, Jared Jones, Ton Kabel, Chris Kang, Andreas Karlsson, Geoffrey Kassin, Harry Kem, Mazen Khaled, Kirsti Kilbane, Jennifer Kim, Jennifer Kim, Michael Kim, Lynn Koh, Henrike Korner, Isabella Ku, Pei Fung Ku, Kevin Kummer, Lorne Ladner, Doris Low Fun Lai, Lai Peng Lam, David Larey, Geok Chin Lau, Decouze Laurent, Anne Norup Lauridsen, Mai Anh Le, Cheng-I Lee, Glenda Lee, Kok Wai Lee, Eve Leigh, Tricia Lemon, Linda Lim B Leng, Linda Lewis, Brian Ko-Ming Li, Yifang Li, Linda B. Lim, Soo Chin Lim, Rosa Lin, Bonnie Linden, Laura Linscomb, Lena Liu, Richard Liu, Leong Liven Adna, Metta Loa, Gabriele Loible, Mun Long  Loke, Jorge Lopez, Lai-Fun Doris Low, Rubi Lowy, Marcela Lozano Riveros, Martin Lyngby-Nielsen, michael madrone, Lindy Mailhot, Suchada Maleeratwatana, Daniel Martin, Michele Mason, William Massey, Tina Mata, Jutta Mathae, Marian Mayeda, Elizabeth McClain, Ellen McInerney, Therese M Miller, May/Chodron Mills/Lobsang, Heiko Mining, Ruth Maria  Montano, Alison Murdoch, William Murdoch, Barbara Murray, Chong Beng Ng, Rick Ng, Swee Kim Ng, Hung The Ngu, Binh Kien Nguyen, Alex Ngyen, Charlotte Noonan, Noris Notburga, Melissa O'Grady, Heidi Oehler, Myriam Oliven, Allessandro Ortiz, Ms Helen Patrin, Andrew Paul, Arthur Peh Kian Leong, Curt Perkins, Michael Pharr, Jean-Michel Pilaud, Olga Planken, Emanuela Popa-Radu, Fabienne Pradelle, Ven. Tsomo Quek, Robyn Quinn, Luz Bella  Ramirez, Margaret Randall, Katherine Reisdorf, Nicholas Ribush, Allyson Rickard, Gayna Riley, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Maria Rivera, Marcela Lozano Riveros, Keisha Roberts, Mayra Rocha Sandoval, Juan Rodriguez, Judith Rohrer, Rachell Rose, Loris Roulette, Carina Rumrill, Philippa Rutherford, Kenny Saint-Cyr, Adhiharto Salim, Tamara Sallmutter, Owen Sayre, Aat Schaftenaar, Laura Schaub, Lillian Scheffer, Karen Schembs, Michael Schoenauer, Guido Bima Schwarze, Manju Seal, Russell Seaman, Sandra Sedilos, Alan Segal, Jane Seidlitz, Dorothea Shaw, Rosa Shen, Zhong Shen, Ugyen Shola, Lynn Shwadchuck, Fiona Sim, Beth Lee Simon, A.M. Smith, Scott Snibbe, Luis Soloiro, Kenneth Somers, Lynne Sonenberg, Sascha Steinfeldt, S. Whitney Stephenson, Paul Stevenson, Adrienne Strong, Wayne Su, Datsuk Tai, Kong Jo Tan , Mui Gek Tan, Gefeng Tang, Henny Tanudjaja, Huang Tengyi, Janet Thelen Lockwood, Neo Kok Theng, Debra Thornburg, Sandra Tideman, Su Fen Toh, Frances Tran, Nu Tran, Miranda  Tsang, Chris Tsen, Joon Hin Tsen, Masi Ying Tu, Patricia Turriago, Annette and Annelies Van Citters, Llysse Velez, Kathy Victa, Martha V izcaya, Jan von Kriegenbergh, Sara Vurek, James Waller, Eamon Walsh, Grace Wang, James Wang, Julie Wang, Diana Weddigen, Kathryn Werhane, Eva Whalen, Norman Woller, Yi Chen Wu, Serina Yap, Bradley Yeargain, Boon Khee Yeo, Li Ean Yeoh, Tsengel Yidam, Goh Biao Yong, Lijun Zhang, Min Fan Yoke Family

IMl Monastic Community

Ven. Amy, Ven. Angie, Ven. Birgit, Ven. Carol, Ven. Chantal, Ven. Char, Ven. Charles, Ven. Chonyi, Ven. Dekyi, Ven. Desal, Ven. Dominique, Ven. Dondrub, Ven. Drolkar, Ven. Gloria, Ven. Gloria, Ven. Gloria Maillol, Ven. Holly, Ven. Jampa Tsomo, Ven. Kabir, Ven. Lobsang, Ven. Losang, Ven. Losang Monlam, Ven. Lucia, Ven. Martha, Ven. Mindrol, Ven. Namsel, Ven. Olivier, Ven. Rene, Ven. Richard, Ven. Rita, Ven. Sangmo, Ven. Sherpa Pemba, Ven. Tenzin Michael, Ven. Tenzin Namjong, Ven. Tiziana, Ven. Tonden, Ven. Tsomo, Ven. Wongmo, Ven. Yangchen, Ven. Yeshe Chodron

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