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By Ani Jampa Sangmo

I am going to write down the following short historical background because I wish to be aware that, in Europe following the Catholic holy old age inquisition, there was the Hindu holy new age inquisition, witnessed and created in history by characters such as Queen Victoria, Mata Hari, and Savitri Devi. Those three women have been meaningful for the Tibetan issue before the Chinese invasion. So I will put together some sources but I encourage you to do farther research just in case the subject is of any interest to you. The first woman was Queen Victoria whom Lama Zopa Rinpoche reported almost at the end of this article, reminding us of the words of Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche himself:

Indeed both Rinpoches stated that Queen Victoria was also the reincarnation of Mahakali or Palden Lhamo, who’s peaceful form is Saraswati: in the article is stated as follows: “Then Queen Victoria time there happened so much peace and happiness in England, not only England but countries around, they have so much peace and happiness happened”. And His Holiness Tsenshap Serkong Rinpoche said that Queen Victoria is Palden Lhamo, a wrathful aspect of Saraswati or you can say Tara, Saraswati, the wisdom goddess, so Palden Lhamo. “So there’s so much peace and happiness not only in England but countries around. So her, Queen Victoria’s stick in the hand, hand-stick and there’s a diamond on top, so that was in France, I think it was in France, yeah, a museum somewhere, so His Holiness Tsenshap Serkong Rinpoche when he was in France he specially went to visit, he specially went to see her hand-stick, which has diamond on top, as Rinpoche explained.

While Queen Victoria established colonialism, her hereditary son invaded Tibet in a short conquest during the Younghusband expedition; this is the reason why the Dalai Lama fled to safety in Mongolia and then China:

Following that was World War 1 which was around the time that the hindu dutch Mata Hari was recognised in Indonesia as a hindu reincarnation by a hindu guru. The name Mata Hari has Malaysian origins and means sun or better sun rise’s eye.   

Here are some of her words from the Italian wikipedia: “I was born in Java and I lived there for years” – she told journalists – “I entered, risking my life, the secret temples of India [ … ] I attended the performances of the dancers sacred before the most exclusive simulacra of Shiva, Visnù and the goddess Kālī [ … ] even the fanatical priests who guard the golden altar, sacred to the most terrible of the gods, believed me a bajadera of the temple [ … ] the revenge of BUDDHIST priests for those who profane the rites [ … ] is terrible [ … ] I know the Ganges well, Benares, I have Hindu blood in my veins”.

Now I would like to express my opinion, because Mata Hari was a contemporary of Savitri Devi, the priestess of Adolf Hitler, and Adolf hitler himself. I do guess that Mata Hari was renowned for her secret meetings as a spy of the First World War, mystically prepared Hitler with the support of Savitri Devi before him to became famous. It is almost clear that the two European world wars have been in truth one whole hindu holy inquisition. Indeed while the beautiful Mata Hari was a dutch hindu goddess, the ugly Savitri Devi was a half a greek-british priestess of Adolf hitler and his ambassador for india which proclaimed together with most brahmins, Adolf hitler to be the god Vishnu:  “Savitri was a proponent of a synthesis of Hinduism and Nazism, proclaiming Adolf Hitler to have been an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu.[5] She depicted Hitler as a sacrifice for humanity that would lead to the end of the worst World Age, the Kali Yuga” following there is a book on savitri devi the priestess of Hitler: 

In truth as far as I know, an emanation of a hindu Babaji, recognized to be the reincarnation of a Tibetan lama, proclaimed himself to have been the guru of Jesus Christ when he went to India. This hindu babaji represents the union of Tibet with hindu-catholicism, and mirroring the western countries, in Europe we had close together, the catholic and hindu holy inquisitions with the colonialism or inquisition of buddhist goddess Queen Victoria. It is now clear to me that historically we had both good and bad emanations of the same deity(es) and it is still difficult to understand the mystery behind that, but I do conclude that probably one of their mysteries as good and evil, would be to transcend samsara created by the bad emanations of the deity, and to transcend nirvana created by the good emanations of the deity. 


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