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2007 Financial Statements Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund

Year Ending December 31, 2007
The following financial statements for the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund are presented for informational purposes.  Overall the Lama Yeshe Sangha Fund grew this last year (about 8%).  Direct Monastic Support was $17,100 last year; to date IMI has awarded 2008 grants of almost $40,000. The IMI planning conference total cost (2007 and 2008) was $25,500 with approximately $8,600 direct sponsorship for a net expense of $16,900.  As overall activity within the IMI community increases, expenses and income are expected to rise from historical levels.  The 2008 budget has been submitted to the IMI Board of Directors for review and approval.  For any questions regarding the financial statements, please contact the Finance Director, Ven. Char Fanning.