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Making a Will [USA]

Even with good intentions and few belongs, things can get complicated without a will. A simple will is an important document  and not so difficult to put into place.

The California State Bar Association has a good booklet on making simple wills and explains the rules and procedure for making a holographic will, or a handwritten will. Please read it if you plan to hand write your will.  In brief, the whole document needs to be in your own handwriting—no typing. It needs to be signed and dated by you.   There is no need for a notary.  There is also a statutory will available from the state bar.  Take a look at that.

They also have a simple will fill-in-the blank form that can be [downloaded] with instructions and answers to most questions.

If you have a larger estate, you may want to consult a lawyer and get either a will or a trust.

Visit the California State Bar Association [website] or visit the State Bar Association in the state where you are resident. 

If you have questions on any of these resources, please feel free to contact