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Pujas and practices recommended by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche:

Four pujas to be done as a service to lay people when requested. 

(Details on this advice from Rinpoche can be found here.)

  1. Offering the Gektor


  1. The Four Elements Torma Offerings
  1. A Very Concise Method of Engaging in the Protection-Granting Ritual
    Concise Method of Engaging in Protection – Gago, Kago, Gayo.pdf
  1. Cha Sum The Ritual of the Three Parts


The Dharani Called ‘Possessing the Limbs of All the Buddhas’ Protecting from the Fears of Aging, Sickness, Debilitation, and Death.

(Rinpoche advised that all the sangha should have and be doing this practice NOW in order to prevent cancer, rather than doing it only after we have been diagnosed with cancer.)

Praise to Mahakala

Mahakala 6arm sep01bkltA4

White Umbrella Deity