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Nalanda rejoices in having hosted the Teacher Development Service Seminar (TDSS). 
For four days Nalanda Monastery hosted a very inspiring Teacher Development Service Seminar. In which we explored many creative ways of sharing Dharma, we learnt to develop teacher skills, and learnt to understand how teaching is practicing and practicing is teaching. During this course we were guided by Andy Wistreich and Annelies van der Heijden, who shared their incredible rich experiences as Dharma teachers with us. 

The course instilled a strong sense of being part of a lineage in all those who participated. We all became aware of the potential that we have to share the Dharma in our own unique and creative way while at the same time preserving it’s pure essence. As Lama Yeshe said “Everybody is teaching every moment of 24 hours of every day.” To acknowledge this can make us aware of the profound influence we have on others, and thus the responsibility we have to embody what we teach. 

Besides the richness of content and discussion in the course we also feel enriched by the sense of community that was invoked within us. Sangha and lay people from Nalanda Monastery, Monastere Dorje Pamo, Institute Vajra Yogini, and other centers in Europe came together and connected with each other in lively discussions and personal encounters. A strong sense of openness and courageousness developed, leading to many insights and strengthening our individual growth process. 
We are incredibly grateful to Andy Wistreich, Annelies van der Heijden, all the participants, and those who helped organise the course in any way.

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Monks of Nalanda and nuns of Dorje Pamo concluded Yarne — the six-week long yearly rains retreat at Nalanda today, on October 6th.The Buddha encouraged the Sangha to come together at their monasteries during the summer months and to devote six weeks to joyfully and intensely engage in practice and study. Sangha members are encouraged to practice harmoniously and refrain from insults and conflicts. Within the FPMT organization, Nalanda is the only monastery in the West that engages in the three activities that define a monastery. These activities are Sojong, the bi-monthly confession ceremony; Yarne, the beginning of the rains retreat; and Gaye, the end of the rains retreat ceremony.

Nalanda’s Study programs update:

– Lamrim Course, led by Geshe Jamphel, the abbot of Nalanda, is almost finished covering the Calm Abiding section of the Lamrim. Next section on the Special Insight (wisdom aspect of Buddha’s teachings), will cover in great detail how to develop a correct view on emptiness. The course will start on the 1st of February 2022. 
The course is also offered online and is available in English, French & Spanish.
For more info and how to join:

– Basic Program students are going through the last module – Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra. It will be followed by winter break, three-months review with exam and three-months lamrim retreat.

The Lotus-Born Project update:

We are delighted to have completed the fundraising of 45,000 euros for the Lotus-Born project, 1.82 meter Padmasambhava statue on our lake. The statue is still being made and painted by a professional artist in Nepal. Next step would involve shipping, filling the statue with special mantras and substances and consecrating it on Nalanda’s lake.

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