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‘Prayers in Accordance with the Times’: weekly prayers with the IMI sangha! 

We are on a break presently. We will let you know when we resume.


8 AM CET until 6 PM/ 18h CET 



A few weeks ago, the nuns and monks restarted the ‘Prayers in Accordance with the Times’. In turns, monks and nuns do prayers every Saturday during 12 hours. In general, we follow the advice which Rinpoche gave us, but some monks and nuns like to include their favorite powerful practices, which is fine. As the title suggests, we focus at this moment on the war situation in Ukraine, but there is space to take all kind of other natural disasters, accidents and problems, which come to mind, as the subject of our prayers and dedications.

 Please feel welcome to join us on Saturdays. You can join on YouTube (visit the YouTube channel of Chenrezig Institute in Queensland, Australia, as they are the hosts) or ask Ven. Damchoe, at for the Zoom connection and password.


Rinpoche’s advice to IMI was:

Sampa Lhundrupma x 500 (There is a story at the beginning that needs to be read only once, then recite the actual prayer 500 times)

Recitation of Guru Rinpoche mantra

Heart Sutra recitation

Prayer to stop war: Prayer in Accordance with the Times

Most Secret Hayagriva sadhana (for those who have received the initiation and can do the practice)

For those who can do, or sponsor at a Monastery, then it also comes out to do:


Most Secret Hayagriva Tsog Kong 


TEXTS: Prayers to Stop War (the link at the bottom of the document for ‘Prayer in Accordance with the Times’ is not working. You can find it here: Prayer in Accordance With the TimesDrugchuma

All in One Prayers NEW!

Rinpoche added as instructions:

At the beginning generate strong bodhicitta, then do these prayers and practices to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine. The main purpose is to stop the war immediately. Then also to prevent famine, disease, and all the dangers of earth, water, fire, and wind, for all these dangers to be pacified immediately. To fill the whole world with perfect peace and happiness, including enlightenment, and to generate loving kindness, compassion and bodhicitta in the heart of all sentient beings, especially in that of the President of Russia. 

Think that from Guru Padmasambhava’s heart, beams radiate and totally purify all the six realms’ sentient beings, totally purify all the delusions and negative karmas collected from beginningless rebirths, especially anger, attachment, and ignorance; think that these are totally purified. Then recite Sampa Lhundrupma, followed by the Padmasambhava mantra (one or two malas).

With strong faith in Guru Padmasambhava and total reliance, Guru Padmasambhava will definitely help because his compassion embraces all sentient beings. 

Then another way to think is, with strong faith in His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the aspect or Guru Padmasambhava, nectar beams are emitted to the Russian President and enter his body, and totally purify all his negative karma and obscurations; all the dissatisfied mind, desire, ignorance, anger, and selfish mind are totally purified; he generates bodhicitta especially, and then the whole path to enlightenment. Do that very strongly, making strong prayers to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Then nectar beams are also emitted to all the Russian and Ukrainian armies, and these purify all the anger and self-cherishing thought on both sides, but mainly President Putin’s. They generate bodhicitta, and stop giving harm to even one sentient being and only benefit sentient beings, up to enlightenment. 


Then recite the Heart Sutra and the prayer to stop wars.

For those who can do the Most Secret Hayagriva sadhana, do this at the beginning of the practice. When reciting the mantra, you can do the same visualizations as above, and think President Putin’s mind is totally changed and he generates bodhicitta.


History of prayers done by the IMI nuns and monks

From the start of the Covid pandemic Zoom became very popular, and the IMI organized on International Sangha Day a 24 hour Heart Sutrathon by Zoom in July 2020. Ven. Joan Nicell—who is the Foundational Program Coordinator for FPMT International Office and who lives at Kopan Monastery, where she is creating the transcripts for Rinpoche’s thought transformation teachings—reported to Rinpoche about the Heart Sutrathon event. Rinpoche took the opportunity to suggest that we do something similar once a week, reciting The Vajra Speech of Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo: The Blessed Prayer Known as “Liberating Sakya from Disease” until the COVID-19 pandemic declines. Rinpoche suggested doing it on a Saturday. His main point was that we recited Thangtong Gyalpo’s prayer with OM MANI PADME HUM recitation for a period of twenty-four hours once a week.

The IMI sangha immediately implemented this suggestion, organizing the first full day of prayers on Saturday August 1st, 2020. We received a lot of positive responses and were able to offer our teachers His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche more than 6,200 recitations of the Heart Sutra

Everyone—including Dharma centers and individuals—is welcome to join the Thangtong Gyalpo Prayerathon by watching the weekly livestream on the Chenrezig Institute YouTube channel and following along with their own copy of the text. 

We are grateful to Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche for giving this advice, so we can contribute to more peace in our hearts, in our environment and in this whole world. We are also grateful to all participants, for visiting and reciting these prayers and mantras with us! A big thanks also to Malgo and her Chenrezig Institute Multimedia Team, our dear coordinator Ven. Damchoe and all others who help to make these ‘Prayers in accordance with the times’ a success. May everyone in the world benefit, especially those who request us to do prayers and those people and animals suffering in war situations.


Everyone can request for personal prayers by sending an email to with the request supported by any donation here.


The Vajra Speech of Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo: The Blessed Prayer Known as “Liberating Sakya from Disease”comes from the great yogi Thangtong Gyalpo (1385–1464) and is for protecting and healing from diseases and epidemics. Lama Zopa Rinpoche advises that while doing this prayer, students should look at an image of Thangtong Gyalpo. Students can also choose to receive the oral transmission of the prayer from Rinpoche online. The Vajra Speech of Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo: The Blessed Prayer Known as “Liberating Sakya from Disease” in English/Tibetan, French, Italian, or Spanish.)

To learn more about Chenrezig Institute visit their website:


For more detailed advice on the practices recommended by Rinpoche and links to Rinpoche’s current thought transformation video teachings, please visit the page “Advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche for Coronavirus.