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Teaching Each Other The Dharma

Teaching Each Other The Dharma   A report from the Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche retreat in Bendigo, Australia 2014 By Gelongma Lozang Yönten (Larisa Wahler)  Bendigo, Victoria fulfilled its promise of variable weather from biting cold to blazing hot – sometimes all in one day. Mirroring the changeable weather was, unsurprisingly,  my mind – this is retreat…


Be a Professional Dharma Practitioner

It is difficult to let go of this level of control over our lives, but it is a part of the lesson we must learn. We all want to control our lives, to come and go as we please, to do what we want. But, when we have to rely on the kindness of others,…


Meditating on the Body

On reflection we can see that the Buddha is not having us look at the body and be repelled by it or have distaste for it in any way, but to be discerning and dispassionate in the same way that one looks at a bag with various kinds of beans and seeds and whatnot. Ven. Sangye…