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Staff Serving the IMI Community

Spiritual Director of International Mahayana Institute

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche


Ven. Tendar (Losang Tendar/ Simon de Boer),

Office Manager

Drolkar McCallum,


Susanna Naud,

Accountholders: Ven Tendron (US), Ven. Pema (France) and Peter Stickles


Education Coordinator

Ven. Tenzin Thekchok,

Prayerathon Coordinator

Ven. Damchoe,

Finances and Grants

Treasurer: Ven. Kalden,

Review Committee for Grants (LYSF): Venerables Roger, Steve, Chantal and Tendar

IMI Regional Representatives 

Australia/New Zealand:  Ven. Thubten Damchoe — a resident nun at Chenrezig Nuns Community in Queensland, Australia. Email Address:

Europe – Nuns:  Ven.Thubten Dechen a resident nun at Institute Lama Tsongkhapa (Italy),  Email Address:

Europe – Monks:  Ven. Jamyang — resident monk at Nalanda Monastery (France),  Email Address:

North America:  Ven. Lobsang Yangchen — a nun based near Land of Medicine Buddha (US). Email Address:

South Asia:  Ven. Tenzin Kunphen — a resident nun SPC at Tushita Meditation Center (India). Email Address:

South East Asia:  Ven. Tenzin Tsultrim — a nun based near Amitabha Buddhist Center (Singapore). Email Address:

IMI Board of Directors

Ven. Gache <> (representing IMI House, India)

Ven. Siliana Bosa <> (representing nuns Lhungtok Choekhorling Monastery, Italy)

Ven. Nangsel <> (representing New Zealand and Australia)

Ven. Chantal Dekyi <> (representing Dorje Pamo, France)

Ven. Tsultim <> (representing Lhungtok Choekhorling Monastery, Italy)

Ven. Losang Tendar <> (director IMI)

Ven. Lhundub Tendron <> (representing North America and monks/nuns not living at a monastery/ nunnery)

Ven. Sherab <> (representing Nalanda Monastery) 

Ven. Lhagsam <> (representing CNC)

IMI Senior Sangha Council

The IMI Senior Sangha Council is a group of senior IMI sangha members. It was formed as a result of an IMI community planning meeting in 2008, and was mandated to serve as the ethical body for the IMI sangha community. The objective of the Senior Sangha Council is to advise on ethical matters related to the IMI; the SSC is the council of the IMI concerning ethical issues of the IMI.
The council is responsible to:
•    Address the ethical standards when issues arise, and ensure the ethical integrity of the IMI community;
•    Maintain general community standards of monastic discipline; requests of advice could come from monasteries/ nunneries or of members who have no community.

Ven. Losang Tendar

Ven. Roger Kunsang

Geshe Tenzin Namdak

Ven. Chantal T. Dekyi

Ven. Sonam Tharchin

Ven. Paloma

Ven. Tenzin Tsapel