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Information for Ordination at an FPMT Center or Under the Guidance of Teachers at an FPMT Center

This information is for students at FPMT Centers who are planning to take ordination. Its purpose is to provide direction to the students from their initial interest in ordination, the request for ordination, pre- or post ordination training and integration into the monastic community.

These guidelines follow on the discussions held at the Geshe Conference in Sarnath in December 2006 on the subject of ordination at FPMT Centers and under the guidance of teachers at FPMT Centers. These guidelines also take into account recent developments on ordination policy with the Office of His Holiness Dalai Lama. The guidelines have been written and reviewed in consultation with the Spiritual Director of FPMT, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and the IMI Senior Sangha Council.

International Mahayana Institute (IMI) community of monks and nuns are available to facilitate the process and to provide support for the student prior to and after ordination. IMI will work with the teachers and local communities in supporting the spiritual and physical care of their students who take ordination. 


If you have questions about ordination policy or in helping facilitate an ordination at your center, please do not hesitate to contact International Mahayana Institute is deeply grateful for your assistance in following these guidelines and ensuring a supportive monastic community.