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I follow the Buddha, who has compassion for all, who has shown the complete path to achieve perfect complete happiness and freedom. The foundation of our practice is not to harm others or ourselves and to help benefit others as much as we can. For that purpose I shave my head and wear robes, which is the easy way to practice Buddhism. The meaning behind this is to take freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth and from the cause of all afflictive emotions, such as ignorance and attachment, which bring all the pain and confusion in this life.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Rejoice! Although not everyone considering to become a Buddhist monk or nun is necessarily prepared to take the steps to become ordained, it is a joyous and worthwhile aspiration nonetheless!

The aspiration to become a Buddhist monk or nun is cultivated from within a deep understanding of renunciation; turning away from the many activities and responsibilities of life in the lay community and undertaking a life of study, practice and service within a monastic community. The aspiration is best nutured with a firm foundation in the lam.rim (or Stages of the Path to Enlightenment) and the guidance of a teacher and support of a community.

The creatures that inhabit this earth – be they human beings or animals – are here to contribute, each in its own particular way, to the beauty and prosperity of the world.

HH Dalai Lama