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Chanting the Names of Manjushri Continuously for Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Swift Return


On Lhabab Duchen, the IMI initiated a continual recitation of Chanting the Names of Manjushri (Jampal Tshan Jo) for the quick and auspicious return of Lama Zopa Rinpoche—an activity where all students of Rinpoche worldwide can participate!

His Holiness had advised “Please recite Names of Manjushri (Jampal Tshan Jo) continuously for now…”  If we take the word “continuously” literally, it could mean a twenty-four hour relay for several months! It could be quite powerful to have the recitation going all the time, and collectively from the whole of IMI and FPMT.

Initially we organized the opportunity to recite the Names of Manjushri until mid – end of January, but we learned that the FPMT will only check after Losar. So we continue to follow the advice of His Holiness with endurance, and the sign-up calendar is functioning again.


It’s easy to sign up.  Please participate at least once:

 1. Chose your time that you would like to do the recitation

 2. Sign up at a time at your convenience HERE.

 3. Remember the time; it is an honor system: you can it do at home/ anywhere from Sunday to Friday; on Saturday please join us on Zoom.

 4. On Saturdays you can enjoy others reading it and participate muted:


Chanting the Names of Noble Manjushri  

The Innermost Essence of the Ārya Mañjuśrī Tantra


  • We invite all students to sign up for one time slot a week to ensure that we have a continuous stream participation in this collective effort.
    It is fine to have more than one person sign up for a particular time slot, in case the first person forgets or miss the time for recitation. 
  • Students will need to keep track of the time they signed up for and just recite on their own when it’s time. Only on Saturday it is on Zoom, not the rest of the week. In this way we don’t exclude students who are shy or uncomfortable to do the recitation publicly.
  • Everyone can do it in their own language of course!

  • Thank you in advance, look forward to reading many names of students who signed up.
Here is the Commentary on the Names of Manjushri, from Ven. Legtsok: