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Covid and Resilience

Chonyi Taylor Even if the environment and beings are filled with the fruits of negativity, And unwished for sufferings pour down like rain, I seek your blessings to take these miserable conditions as a path By seeing them as causes to exhaust the results of my negative karma.              …


A Letter about Bikshunis vows

By Ven Cristiana Ciampa Tsomo  Thank you, and thanks to IMI, for giving space for us bikshunis to share our experiences, since this would enhance people’s understanding of the Buddhadharma. Actually yes, after the IMI last newsletter I felt the need to say something about bikshuni vows, given my little but very positive experience on…


Interview with Ven Jamyang Wangmo

Interview with Ven Jamyang Wangmo (also known is Jampa Chokyi). Author of The Lawudo Lama, Stories of Reincarnation from the Mount Everest Region. By Tendar During a relaxed meeting in the garden of the Utpala Cafe in Boudha, Kathmandu, I was able to ask Ven Jamyang Wangmo (Jampa Chokyi) some questions. It is August 10,…