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Hard Lesson from the Fire

By Ven Ciampa Tsomo I am a 70 year old Italian buddhist nun and I have lived for 15 years in a very isolated retreat place surrounded by woods, which Geshe Jampa Gyatso, former resident lama of ILTK where I was based, named Tara House.. This year when wild fires fire came around Tara House (TH),…


What is Practice?

"What is Practice? By A Monkess Most think that daily commitments, rituals, pujas and teachings are our main practice.  And they are certainly crucial so it's a real blessing to be able to participate in these whenever possible. But we've all heard the story of the man doing many prostrations being told "very good but much better to practice"; then it goes onto reciting prayers, making light offerings etc.  Each time he was advised "but better to do practice". "If you are suffering, use it as the cause to bring happiness to others. This way, whatever kind of life experience you have, you use it on the path. There is no interruption to Dharma practice and one's life is most beneficial."  Lama Zopa…


Pandemic Pleasures, Samsaric Sufferings

Pandemic Pleasures, Samsaric Sufferings By Ven Drolma Ann Kane Monkey family at Tushita Meditation Center, India Bring it on!  When the second wave of the virus hit in India we went through another series of lockdowns.  How would we survive?  So many people are struggling in so many ways.  Here at Tushita Meditation Centre in Dharamkot it…